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Jalen Hurts roared back after gifting the Chiefs a touchdown in Super Bowl

Jalen Hurts puts together an impressive drive after a disastrous fumble

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles The Republic-USA TODAY Sports

They say in sports, that the mark of a true champion is the ability to bounce back from failure.

If that is indeed the case, then win or lose Sunday night in Super Bowl LVII, Jalen Hurts already proved himself a champion.

After a disastrous fumble in the second quarter gifted the Kansas City Chiefs a touchdown to tie the game at 14, Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles offense responded with an impressive 12-play, 75-yard touchdown to retake the lead.

And it was Hurts who led the way.

On the first play of the drive after the fumble, offensive coordinator Shane Steichen went right back to his quarterback. After Hurts fumbled on a designed quarterback run, Steichen called for another designed run to open the next possession. The QB draw went for 14 yards to open the drive for Philadelphia.

A few plays later, the Eagles faced a 4th and 5 just in Kansas City territory. Staying true to form, Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni stayed aggressive and kept his offense on the field.

And Steichen put the ball in his QB’s hand yet again:

Once again, the Eagles dial up a delayed run from Hurts, who skips just around the right edge and picks up 28 yards, getting the football down inside the red zone.

As you might expect, when the offense got down near the goal line, Steichen called Hurts’s number once more:

As you can see on this replay, a huge block on the touchdown run comes from center Jason Kelce, who pulls to the edge and throws a block on linebacker Nick Bolton. Hurts cuts inside the block, and into the end zone for his second touchdown run of Super Bowl LVII:

All told, Hurts had 48 rushing yards on the drive, along with 17 passing yards, accounting for 65 of the 75 yards on the possession.

There is obviously a lot of football left in Super Bowl LVII. But just when the Eagles’ quarterback gifted Kansas City a touchdown, he put one right back on the board for his team.

Leading them as he has done all season long.