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Why did Elon Musk delete his ‘Go Eagles’ tweet right after Philly lost the Super Bowl?


Nobody likes to be wrong, but especially Elon Musk it appears. Moments after the Chiefs kicked the field goal that won the Super Bowl, Musk deleted his tweet from the first quarter when he was pulling for the Eagles.

This is a really curious move. It’s not like Musk delivered a hot take he’d regret — he simply stated that he wanted the Eagles to win. Tons of people did the same, so it wasn’t something to be ashamed of. Yet, he felt the need to hide his support away in the hopes people wouldn’t remember that he wanted the loser to win.

Let’s break down some possible reasons why Elon decided to try and erase his support for the Eagles from Twitter.

No. 1: Elon just didn’t want to be wrong

Rich people hate to be wrong. Part of their entire mystique is based off a cult of personality which mandates that they’re correct about everything. It doesn’t even matter if this is big stuff, because they get carried away with the small stuff too and find themselves backtracking on everything.

Considering he was supposed to step down as CEO of Twitter months ago, it’s not shocking that Elon couldn’t handle being wrong about the Eagles.

No. 2: Rupert Murdoch reminded him Pennsylvania is a blue state and Missouri is red

The extremely moderate Musk who tells people to vote republican and was sitting in the box of the head of Fox News might have gotten an elbow in the ribs that Dr. Oz didn’t win — and so he changed his vote.

No. 3: Elon didn’t want to catch a stray from Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce was on one following the Super Bowl and went after anyone who didn’t pick the Chiefs to win. It was pretty hilarious considering Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league and most figured Kansas City to at least make a deep playoff run.

Still, Elon doesn’t want to catch any heat from Kelce. So I could see why this would be good motivation.

No. 4: It didn’t fit Elon’s brand on Twitter

Everyone has a personal brand on Twitter and an earnest sports opinion really doesn’t jive with what Musk does on the platform. Generally speaking, his tweets fall into one of several categories:

  1. Promoting his businesses
  2. Stealing memes from people
  3. Writing “this is interesting” or “something to think about” in response to conspiracy theories
  4. Retweeting stupidly long Twitter threads by Substack journalists he leaked information to
  5. Tweeting laugh emojis to ludicrously unfunny Babylon Bee articles

So saying “Go Eagles!” really isn’t his brand, and he realized it just didn’t fit his Twitter style.