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Mercedes F1 announces partnership with Qualcomm for the 2023 season

Qualcomm and Mercedes to partner on creating unique fan experiences

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Racing team is slated to unveil their car for the 2023 season, the W14 E Performance, on Wednesday.

But that is not the only news coming from the team. Mercedes also announced on Thursday morning a partnership with Qualcomm, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon brand. Under the multi-year partnership, Mercedes and Snapdragon will create “unique fan experiences, both in-person and digitally,” according to the announcement.

In addition, the Snapdragon logo will be part of the livery for the W14 E Performance, to be debuted later on Thursday. Snapdragon logos will also be displayed on the drivers’ race suits, team personnel, and in the garage.

In a statement provided to the media, including SB Nation, prior to the announcement Mercedes Team President Toto Wolff talked about the importance of both innovation, as well as connecting with F1 fans. “Innovation is core to our business. It is just as important in connecting with our fans, and building the workplace of the future, as it is in the design and creation of our race cars. With the Snapdragon brand, we have the perfect partner to innovate and transform. We look forward to creating unique and bold solutions as we push ahead in these areas.”

This partnership is one of many that F1 teams are using this season to connect with their respective fanbases. When Red Bull unveiled their livery for the 2023 F1 season recently at a live event in New York City, the team also announced an upcoming promotion titled “Make Your Mark,” where fans can enter livery designs for the three United States races.

“This is very much about getting the fans involved in the design and look of the car,” Team Principal Christian Horner explained during the livery launch in New York City. “For the three US races that we have this year, for the first time ever, we’re going to get the fans involved to create the livery for those three races. It’s going to be a competition, it’s a huge opportunity and we’ve thought long and hard about it. We know it’s what people want to see, to get involved, and this is your chance to be able to do that.”

With the growth of F1 worldwide — and in the United States — F1 teams are doing more and more to connect with their legions of fans across the globe. Events such as Red Bull’s “Make Your Mark,” and Mercedes’ partnership with Qualcomm, are just two examples of teams looking to expand their reach worldwide.