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Micah Parsons, Demario Davis look like ‘Average Joes’ in Pro Bowl dodgeball

Pro Bowl dodgeball lived up to the legendary movie

SPORTS-FBN-PROBOWL-FORMAT-LV Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Pro Bowl Games brought out some interesting activities for some of the best players in the NFL. The main even of the night on Thursday was dodgeball where players got to relive a classic childhood game from gym class.

The dodgeball tournament started out with the offense and defense from each conference squaring off with their own side before facing the opposing conference in the finals. The AFC defense defeated the AFC offense while the NFC’s offense was victorious but their win was not without controversy.

It seems the NFC’s defense spent too much time watching the movie “Dodgeball” in preparation for the game. Two of their eliminations were reminiscent of scenes from the movie.

First, Dallas Cowboys DE Micah Parsons was eliminated from the competition for stepping over the line, by a lot:

While the tweeter noted that he was joking about Parsons being a dirty player, many immediately thought of the same thing causing elimination in the movie:

Then, appropriate in a season where the referees played a big part, New Orleans Saints LB Demario Davis was eliminated after a review by the refs saw the illegal headshot:

Despite the above two infractions, the players showed that many of them had learned the five D’s of dodgeball:

The NFC offense finished off the night with a victory over the AFC defensive unit, scoring the conference’s only points of the night. The AFC goes into Sunday’s competition up 9-3 with four results remaining before the start of the flag football portion of the Pro Bowl Games. You can read more about all the rules for the games here.