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This is one of the worst ‘Wheel of Fortune’ answers of all time

How in the heck do you choose “G” here?!

Watching people hilariously botch game show answers is one of life’s simple joys, like the first flowers of spring, or a fresh breeze on a summer day. Let’s emphasize the word “fresh” here, because on Wheel of Fortune on Monday night something went horribly, horribly wrong.

I know at this point Wheel has had to get a little esoteric with its phrases. Very few people are walking around actually saying “FRESH TROPICAL FRUIT” on a daily basis, but NOBODY is saying “FREGH TROPICAL FRUIT.”

Khushi, who feebly threw out the guess of “G,” clearly had absolutely no idea what the blank space should be — and there was a look of abject fear on her face.

Her pain paled in comparison to the poor audience member who cried “WHAT?!” as soon as she made her choice — as if pushed by a ghost in a haunted mansion. I cannot fathom what this contestant was thinking outside of believing that maybe she wasn’t thinking at all?

We all have brain farts from time to time, but this was was epic.