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USFL Draft 2023 live tracker: Updates on picks from spring football league

Tracking every pick made in the 2023 USFL Draft

USFL: JUL 03 Championship Game - Birmingham Stallions v Philadelphia Stars

The XFL is not the only spring football league back this season. The USFL is back as well, and what is notable about their return is that the league is back for a second-straight season.

This is the first time that a spring football league has returned for a second season since ... the first version of the USFL.

The USFL is holding their 2023 Draft on Tuesday, with all eight teams picking ten players each. With rosters already established, USFL franchises are now looking to add talent, and depth, to existing rosters.

One difference about the USFL draft is that no trades of picks are allowed. Another difference? Some of these players are hoping to hear their names called in a few months, during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Daryl Johnston, the USFL’s executive vice president of football operations, talked about that recently:

“That’s the hard part. We know you’re a couple months away from going through something you dreamed about as a young boy. We fully understand that. Our focus is on the back end of the (NFL) draft, potential seventh round and preferred free agency-type guys. Our GMs and scouts were at the college all-star games. They understand the athlete that we’re looking for, so that makes it a challenging part for us. But we’re not doing it like last year. Everybody in the draft pool was under contract.

“This year, you’re selecting the player, and you have the rights to that player moving forward.”

Here are the selections as they come in, and note that the New Jersey Generals lost their first-round selection for a roster violation, and their picks in rounds 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 will be dropped to the end of those rounds.

Round 1 (Overall)

1. (1) Michigan Panthers

Jarrett Horst, OT, Michigan State

2. (2) Pittsburgh Maulers

Lindsey Scott, Jr., QB, Incarnate Word

3. (3) Houston Gamblers

Chase Brice, QB, Appalachian State

4. (4) Memphis Showboats

Mason Brooks, OT, Mississippi

5. (5) New Orleans Breakers

Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati

6. (6) Philadelphia Stars

Alfred Edwards III, OT, Utah State

7. (7) Birmingham Stallions

Kadeem Telfort, OT, UAB

Round 2 (Overall)

1. (8) Michigan Panthers

Tanner Morgan, QB, Minnesota

2. (9) Pittsburgh Maulers

Malik Hamm, DE, Lafayette

3. (10) Houston Gamblers

Justin Ford, CB, Montana

4. (11) Memphis Showboats

Isaiah Bolden, CB, Jackson State

5. (12) New Orleans Breakers

Noah Taylor, EDGE, Virginia

6. (13) Philadelphia Stars

Anderson Hardy, OT, Appalachian State

7. (14) Birmingham Stallions

Quinton Barrow, OT, Grand Valley State

*8. (15) New Jersey Generals

Adrian Martinez, QB, Kansas State

Round 3 (Overall)

1. (16) Michigan Panthers

Santrell Latham, LB, Southern Miss

2. (17) Pittsburgh Maulers

Tre’Quan Dorsey, OL, St. Francis

3. (18) Houston Gamblers

Joseph Fisher, OG, Shepherd

4. (19) Memphis Showboats

Brevin Allen, DE, Campbell

5. (20) New Orleans Breakers

DJ Ivey, CB, Miami, Fla.

6. (21) Philadelphia Stars

Isaac Moore, OT, Temple

7. (22) Birmingham Stallions

Malik Cunningham, QB, Louisville

*8. (23) New Jersey Generals

J.J. Holloman, WR, Tennessee State

ROUND 4 (Overall)

1. (24) Michigan Panthers

DJ Scaife Jr., OL, Miami Fla.

2. (25) Pittsburgh Maulers

Ferlando Jordan, CB, SE Louisiana

3. (26) Houston Gamblers

Scott Matlock, DT, Boise State

4. (27) Memphis Showboats

Benny Sapp III, DB, Northern Iowa

5. (28) New Orleans Breakers

Keaton Mitchell, RB, East Carolina

6. (29) Philadelphia Stars

Truman Jones, DE, Harvard

7. (30) Birmingham Stallions

Derius Davis, WR, TCU

*8. (31) New Jersey Generals

Victor Jones, DE, Akron

ROUND 5 (Overall)

1. (32) Michigan Panthers

Dashaun White, LB, Oklahoma

2. (33) Pittsburgh Maulers

Isaiah Land, EDGE, Florida A&M

3. (34) Houston Gamblers

Jeffrey Johnson, DT, Oklahoma

4. (35) Memphis Showboats

Michael Ezeike, TE, UCLA

5. (36) New Orleans Breakers

Isaiah Moore, LB, NC State

6. (37) Philadelphia Stars

Earl Bostick, Jr., OT, Kansas

7. (38) Birmingham Stallions

Zeke Vandenburgh, LB, llinois State

*8. (39) New Jersey Generals

De’Jahn Warren, CB, Jackson State

ROUND 6 (Overall)

1. (40) Michigan Panthers

Levi Russo Bell, DT, Texas State

2. (41) Pittsburgh Maulers

Nash Jensen, OG, North Dakota State

3. (42) Houston Gamblers

Keenan Isaac, CB, Alabama State

4. (43) Memphis Showboats

Jerome Carvin, OG, Tennessee

5. (44) New Orleans Breakers

Dante Stills, DL, West Virginia

6. (45) New Jersey Generals

Derrick Tucker, S, Texas Southern

7. (46) Philadelphia Stars

Jose Ramirez, DE, Eastern Michigan

8. (47) Birmingham Stallions

Colby Sorsdal, OT, William & Mary

ROUND 7 (Overall)

1. (48) Michigan Panthers

Gunnar Oakes, TE, Eastern Michigan

2. (49) Pittsburgh Maulers

Taylor Grimes, WR, Incarnate Word

This pick is fascinating because it comes with some built-in chemistry. Grimes caught 83 passes last year playing at Incarnate Word, with the bulk of those coming from quarterback Lindsey Scott, Jr., who the Maulers drafted with the second-overall selection.

3. (50) Houston Gamblers

Alex Jensen, OT, South Dakota

4. (51) Memphis Showboats

Nehemiah Shelton, CB, San Jose State

5. (52) New Orleans Breakers

Darius Hagans, RB, Virginia State

6. (53) New Jersey Generals

Jermaine McDaniel, DE, North Carolina A&T

7. (54) Philadelphia Stars

Demontrey Jacobs, OT, South Florida

8. (55) Birmingham Stallions

Grant Dubose, WR, Charlotte

ROUND 8 (Overall)

1. (56) Michigan Panthers

Andrew Farmer II, OLB, Lane College

2. (57) Pittsburgh Maulers

CJ Turner, WR, Southeastern Louisiana

3. (58) Houston Gamblers

Brady Russell, TE, Colorado

4. (59) Memphis Showboats

Trea Shropshire, WR, UAB

5. (60) New Orleans Breakers

Jake Bobo, WR, UCLA

6. (61) New Jersey Generals

Adam Korsak, P, Rutgers

7. (62) Philadelphia Stars

Trey Botts, DL, Colorado State-Pueblo

8. (63) Birmingham Stallions

Mark Evans II, OL, Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Evans had some impressive reps during Shrine Bowl practices. He was a left tackle in college, but projects best as a guard at the next level.

ROUND 9 (Overall)

1. (64) Michigan Panthers

Chim Okorafor, OT, Benedictine

2. (65) Pittsburgh Maulers

Jacob Slade, DT, Michigan State

3. (66) Houston Gamblers

Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State

4. (67) Memphis Showboats

Silas Dzansi, OT, Virginia Tech

5. (68) New Orleans Breakers

Alex Palczewski, OT, Illinois

6. (69) New Jersey Generals

Jalen Holston, RB, Virginia Tech

7. (70) Philadelphia Stars

Destin Mack, CB, Citadel

8. (71) Birmingham Stallions

B.J. Thompson, DE, Stephen F. Austin

ROUND 10 (Overall)

1. (72) Michigan Panthers

Sidy Sow, OG, Eastern Michigan

2. (73) Pittsburgh Maulers

Ethan Evans, K, Wingate

3. (74) Houston Gamblers

Colby Reeder, LB, Iowa State

4. (75) Memphis Showboats

Antonio Fletcher, S, Southern Illinois

5. (76) New Orleans Breakers

Tyler Baker-Williams, CB, NC State

6. (77) New Jersey Generals

Nick Zecchino, LS, Purdue

7. (78) Philadelphia Stars

Dre Terry, LB, Alabama A&M

8. (79) Birmingham Stallions

Starling Thomas, CB, UAB

*9. (80) New Jersey Generals

Rey Estes, CB, Grambling State