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The bragging kids in the viral youth basketball video got absolutely destroyed

This humble pie is so sweet.

A video of a youth basketball team went viral in January when the third graders were seen flexing on their competition, mocking the kids they were playing against, and generally being little punks. It sparked a huge range of conversation. Some people felt it was fine, and just a reflection of how kids are now — while others thought it went way beyond the pale that parents and coaches would tolerate the team being this disrespectful.

Personally, I think these kids are too young to behave like this. I’m not sure if I remember a distinct cutoff when I played youth ball that it morphed from being about fun and respect, to legitimate competition and trash talk — but I think it came around middle school. Definitely not when I was nine years old. Still, this moment happened, and the kids threw down the gauntlet, which means turnabout is fair play.

This same youth team traveled to the Washington D.C. metro area for a game and got ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED. I’m not sorry in enjoying schadenfreude watching these kids get smoked and embarrassed.

If you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk — and the green and black team got absolutely destroyed, 36-5. I can’t think of a more deserving outcome, and I’ll admit it feels a little weird enjoying the downfall of third graders this much, but also they were just so annoying in that first video that I’m loving every second of this.

Any time you travel it’s nice to sample the local cuisine, and it seems these youth players got a nice serving of humble pie. Hopefully they’ll remember this one the next time they try and flex on an opponent they’re beating easily.

What a great way to end the sports week.