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Shaq and Kareem squashed their beef as LeBron broke the record, and it was beautiful

This is a must-watch moment.

LeBron James breaking the NBA scoring record with the Lakers on Tuesday night had a more profound reach that anyone possibly imagined. It turned into a moment of healing between two Lakers legends, as Shaquille O’Neal and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar squashed their long-standing beef.

Kareem: Hey, and I wanna tell Shaq I asked for you specifically this evening, because you felt like I was shaming you, or ignoring you. That would never be the case — and you showed them what you were all about the way you crushed all those centers in the league for a couple of years there. So, I’m on your side Shaq. Don’t ever let anybody tell you anything different.
Shaq: Listen, you not speaking to me was the best thing to happen to my career. Because all I wanted to do was impress you. So I will talk to you soon, and I love you very much. I will never ever have beef with the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. You ain’t got to worry about that.
Kareem: That’s back at you. I love you too and I want you guys to keep impressing the whole world with our game. It’s a wonderful game

This beef centered on Shaq’s time with the Lakers when he’s claimed in the past he never heard from Kareem, despite the L.A. legend having discussions with other members on the team. The pair never got to work directly together, with Abdul-Jabbar becoming an assistant coach for the Lakers just as Shaq left to join LeBron and Dwyane Wade on the Heat — but he still carried that grudge.

Mending the bridge now is especially poignant. It was just wrong having two NBA legends beefing over a perceived slight like this that’s been going on damn near 20 years, and perhaps it’s more reflective of where both men are at in life. Shaq, in particular, has discussed his regret in not mending bridges with Kobe Bryant earlier following his passing in 2020.

Tuesday night wasn’t just momentous for LeBron James, but the entire Lakers organization and this heartfelt moment was incredible.