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Stop what you’re doing and watch this college team hit two 3s in 5 seconds to win

This is one of the most incredible highlights I’ve ever seen.

In the midst of NBA trade madness came one of the wildest moments you’ll ever see from a tiny D3 game in New Jersey. NJCU was hosting Rowan on Wednesday night and found themselves down 71-67 with just 5.2 seconds left on the clock. Then this happened.

The first three is impressive enough. Obviously there’s a defensive breakdown allowing the shooter to get to the corner, but he still catches and drills the shot in one fluid motion to pull the score to 71-70.

At this point the clock is stopped with 2.8 seconds left. Only a miracle will allow NJCU to make something happen — and it does. The Rowan player is far too hasty with his inbounds pass, and instead of looking for a safe option that will wind down the clock or draw a foul, he tries to bomb it to half court to an open player. The ball is tipped and falls to Jason Battle, who drains a shot from damn-near half court in one of the most amazing passages of play you’ll ever see.

Take a damn bow NJCU. One of the best highlights I’ve ever seen.