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Tongue-tied baseball announcer refers to player as ‘designated Hitler’


Being a sports announcer is a lot tougher than most people think. You have someone talking in your ear while you’re speaking, giving you times and notes to hit. While this is all going on you need to look at your notes to give factoids off-hand like you’ve been watching these players all your life, and on top of that you have to pay attention to the game itself.

Still, it’s never a good idea to accidentally call someone Hitler.

The announcer quickly apologized. It’s not like he meant to call the player Hitler. Besides, nobody can designate Hitler — it’s a character trait earned by being a completely reprehensible piece of garbage who should rot in hell.

Hitler would have been a terrible designated hitter too. He was a weedy, unathletic 5’9” dweeb who’d probably strike out, then cry, before stomping his feet until his pants fell down and everyone saw his bare butt.