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Aaron Rodgers says he wants to play for the Jets in eventful Pat McAfee Show appearance

Here’s exactly what Aaron Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee show

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So, if you haven’t heard, QB Aaron Rodgers was on the Pat McAfee show Wednesday to address all of the rumors around his playing future. Over 430 thousand people tuned into the Pat McAfee show, but in case you’re a sane person who decided not to, here’s everything you missed.

Aaron Rodgers intends on playing for the New York Jets next year

Let’s cut straight to the chase. After 30 minutes of talking in circles, Aaron Rodgers decided that he intends to play football next year for the New York Jets. On the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers said that the only thing that’s holding up the trade is the compensation and discussion between the two front offices. Rodgers said that he’s being very hands off in the process.

One of the reasons Rodgers said the Jets were enticing was because of offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Which is the exact same thing that the Broncos tried to do by making Hackett their head coach last year. They did not get Rodgers, but ended up trading for QB Russell Wilson, and we all know how that story ends. Hackett was the offensive coordinator for the Packers with Rodgers, and Rodgers spoke glowingly of his former coordinator.

Interestingly enough, Rodgers was planning on retiring first. He spoke about the final moments being on Lambeau Field, and wanting to retire with that moment. Rodgers said that before he entered “the darkness” he was 90% retiring. However, when he got out of “the darkness” and saw all of the reports that the Packers were moving on to QB Jordan Love, he said he wanted to play. Which brings us to the next point...

Aaron Rodgers loves the Packers. He does not love the Packers new organization.

One of the major points that Rodgers had that led him to his ultimate decision was his perceived treatment by the new Packers front office. He made sure to shoutout the old Packers regime of Ted Thompson, Reggie McKenzie and others before going into his intentions. Rodgers said he wished the Packers told him that they wanted to move on earlier, and the Packers were saying the right thing publicly, but something completely different away from the public. Rodgers said that the Packers are “dug in” on the trade negotiations, but both sides are okay with moving on.

He didn’t mention anyone that’s currently in the Packers front office, however.

The List of Rodgers

A very hotly debated topic that Rodgers refuted was his “list” of players he demanded that the Jets signed. Earlier it was reported by multiple people, including ESPN’s Diana Russini, that Rodgers was providing the Jets with a list of players he would like them to sign, which included WRs Allen Lazard, Odell Beckham Jr. and Randall Cobb, along with TE Marcedes Lewis.

On the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers vehemently denied the report, saying that the report was “ridiculous”. He says that he was asked about certain players by the Jets and he gave his thoughts about them. He says that WR Allen Lazard is a “f***ing great dude”, and that anyone would be lucky to have him in the locker room. When asked about Beckham, he said, “who wouldn’t want Odell Beckham Jr. on their team?”

Rodgers says he’s not demanding anything, but only demanding transparency.

Now, as for Adam Schefter...

He wants Adam Schefter to lose his number

This isn’t that important on a large scale, but this is hilarious.

Schefter did indeed confirm the report, which makes it look sadder for Schefter honestly. HAVE SOME SHAME!