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This London apartment is basically inside a soccer stadium

A home and season tickets in one.

We spend a whole lot of money to feel like we’re at the game while in the comfort of our home. The big TV, the good sound system, seating you can just melt into for a long afternoon of sports — but what if your house was actually at the game?

If you’re in the market for a London apartment, then this might be right up your alley — assuming you’re a fan of Leyton Orient, who are currently in 1st place in England’s Football League 2.

The two bedroom, two bath apartment has pretty much everything you could ask for. An updated kitchen, nice hardwood floors throughout ... A BALCONY THAT’S PRETTY MUCH IN THE CORNER OF THE STADIUM!

It’s basically like buying a home and season tickets in one. Hell, think of how much money you’d save on not needing to buy overpriced beers at the stadium when you can just walk to the fridge? Think about how amazing it is to be able to go to your own bathroom, instead of waiting in line with fans to use a public restroom at halftime!

Now, if you’re trying to think of a possible downside to this you should know that there isn’t one. Heck, if you like to watch sports without pants on that’s fine too — because according to this 2015 article from the BBC there’s nothing illegal about being naked in public in the UK. So, you could theoretically being totally naked watching the game from your balcony and nobody could say anything. Well, anything except mock your body, which is unfair and a real threat.

Considering the London real estate market is one of the most competitive and brutal in the world, this really seems like a steal.