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Bryson DeChambeau’s errant shot strikes golfer at PGA Championship

LIV Golfer Bryson DeChambeau hasn’t been in the PGA Tour spotlight in a while, but he will after this unreal moment at the PGA Championship.

2023 PGA Championship, Bryson DeChambeau Photo by Maddie Meyer/PGA of America/PGA of America via Getty Images

Leave it up to Bryson DeChambeau to hit one of his monster drives and have it hit a fellow competitor at a major championship. During the first round of the PGA Championship, the LIV Golfer hit a ball, and it smacked PGA professional Kenny Pigman getting ready to tee off on the 18th hole.

The video shows Pigman crouching down to avoid it, but instead, it hits him on the back. Thankfully he doesn’t seem injured, but that had to rattle him.

Thankfully this errant shot didn’t happen on the No. 7 hole because if DeChambeau hit it over there, it would have resulted in an out-of-bounds penalty. DeChambeau has lost a lot of weight, but that power swing still fires like a cannon. His diet has completely changed, and his physical appearance doesn’t look like the guy people grew to know in the last couple of years.

DeChambeau has always had a bit of an issue trying to use his distance to his advantage, but this could have caused an injury if Pigman didn’t react as quickly as he did.

He can be seen bracing for something coming his way. The announcers stated he was alerted by someone yelling ‘fore.’

Leave it up to DeChambeau to get caught up in something like this while playing decent golf. Despite that, he is in contention and playing a solid round of golf. DeChambeau is 3 under with a few holes to play, tied atop the leaderboard at the 105th PGA Championship.