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Tom Kim’s viral mud bath at PGA Championship leaves him shirtless, fans in awe

After 10-plus hours of golf coverage, Tom Kim livened up the crowd by making the most of falling in the creek. These reactions may be better than watching it live.

2023 PGA Championship - Preview Day Three Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If someone didn’t know who Tom Kim was ahead of the PGA Championship, they will after he went viral for falling in the creek during round one at Oak Hill Country Club. The first day of the tournament was entertaining, but Kim stole the show after handling his slip better than most would.

No one had creek bath on their Thursday bingo card, but it was the incident the golf world appreciates because it’s just that funny. If you listen closely, you can hear the “one of us” chants across the golf world. However, he has to own it in front of thousands of viewers while the rest of us only suffer the embarrassment from our local club and buddies.

Kim ultimately needed a change of clothes, which happened live on air.

Kim is already taking over the golf world by being one of the youngest players to win on the PGA Tour, but he will not live this fall, and it’ll likely follow him for the rest of the season. However, he should own it because it makes him more personable.

His fall was funny, but the reactions to that may be even better because Golf Twitter is unmatched once again.

They all are hilarious, from the “normal sport” tweet to this one from Tim. However, we agree with Tim — Kim needs his own stream because we all want to see what he does next. Luckily Nike supplied a good pullover, so Kim didn’t have to stay completely muddy as he finished his round.

Kim knew he was being filmed, but he owned it. He stripped off his shirt, cleaned up, and continued without missing a beat. Nothing phases him, and that makes him loveable. No one will ever forget him after this moment at Oak Hill Country Club in the 105th PGA Championship.