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Super Bowl concessions prices: $17 Bud Lights, $13 hot dogs destroy wallets for the big game

Want to take out a loan for Super Bowl beer?

Let’s face it: If you have the money to go to the Super Bowl then price is of little concern to you. Spending $20 on a beer feels like nothing when it spent $3,000 to sit in the stands — but still, the concessions prices of the game have always been out of control.

Las Vegas was always going to go big, and the prices reflect that as well.

I have some big problems with the menu, only insofar that it doesn’t represent either city at all. I’m not going to complain about a hot dog with pulled pork on it, but pork BBQ isn’t a Kansas City thing at all. Chili isn’t a San Francisco thing when it comes to the amazing Mexican food available there either.

The drinks, well, they are what they are. Here’s a full menu of everything if you want to feel a little better about being at home instead of the game.



I have absolutely no problem with Coors Light. To be honest, it’s my go-to “beach soda” for the summer when I plan to sit outside and drink like 10 of them in an afternoon. There is absolutely nothing I could consider “premium” about the experience.

This is somehow even worse than the prices.