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This AI ad for Jesus is easily the worst Super Bowl ad of all time

God loves all, but not this.

It takes a lot to be the worst Super Bowl commercial of all time, but the folks at “He Gets Us” for this absolute abomination.

The basic theory here is very simple: Jesus washed the feet of the leper, and imagine what that would look like today! Except, it turns out that “He Gets Us” has a budget of approximately zero dollars for production, so they just used A.I. to create images.

Easily the worst part of this is imagining the prompts they fed into a search for this.

“Police officer washing black man’s feet”
“White man washing Native American’s feet”
“Priest washing gay man’s feet”

It goes without saying, but AI is the worst thing to happen to our society — not because of all the jobs it will destroy and ruin society in the process, but because it gives the most talentless morons in the world a way to realize their stupid ideas.

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