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The 6 most interesting NFL rivalries

Cowboys vs. Giants? Bears vs. Packers? The Patriots vs. everyone? Our team brands weighed in for SB Nation’s Rivalry Week.

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Rivalry Week here at SB Nation, and we’re enjoying digging into the rivalries around the NFL, both new and historic. We spoke with some of our NFL team sites about the most interesting rivalries in the league, and polled readers about them as well. Leave a comment below about your favorite NFL rivalry!

Bears-Packers can’t be topped

Personally speaking, nothing will ever top the Bears vs. the Packers, but in looking at the NFL overall, I think the most interesting rivalry changes on a year to year basis and it depends on if the teams are good or not. The Steelers vs. Ravens, 49ers vs. Seahawks, Saints vs. Falcons, and Packers vs. Vikings have all had some juice in their games the last few years. I also agree with Pete in that the Chiefs (Mahomes) vs. Texans (Watson) could be a fun one the next several years. - Lester A. Wiltfong Jr., Windy City Gridiron

Eagles-Cowboys is a classic

I can’t imagine I’ll be the only writer to include the team they write about — so, call me biased if you must — but I have to say Eagles versus Cowboys. I mean, Buddy Ryan once called for a fake QB kneel in order to run up the score against Dallas. That shows how this rivalry isn’t merely limited to fans from different teams disliking each other. There’s been legitimate bad blood between these two sides. Unlike some other feuds that may have fizzled out with time, Eagles versus Cowboys is still going strong. The Carson Wentz versus Dak Prescott “debate” is fanning the flames for the modern generation. - Brandon Lee Gowton, Bleeding Green Nation

49ers-Seahawks are natural rivals as top contenders

I think the answer to this question can change year to year based on quality of teams in every division. Heading into this season, I’d say it’s San Francisco and Seattle. Both are top contenders in the NFC and they have had some epic games in recent history. There is a healthy disdain form both sides. - Bill Williamson, Silver and Black Pride & Turf Show Times

Chiefs-Texans could be THE rivalry of the future

I absolutely love division rivalries. Covering the Chiefs, it always does feel as though fans get up a bit more when it’s the Broncos or the Raiders. That being said, the passion ebbs and flows with team quality. Where rivalries seem to stick for chunks of years is when good quarterbacks meet good quarterbacks. I think Chiefs and Texans will grow to be a rivalry of the future in the AFC. Patrick Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson — forever connected by being selected two picks apart. - Pete Sweeney, Arrowhead Pride

The Patriots vs. the NFL

I would love to say something in the AFC East, but 20 years of being dominated by the Patriots has made the rivalries not nearly as much fun as they used to be (though Miami does seem to get to New England at least once a year, so that is a good thing). Maybe the Patriots vs. the league offices? That seems to always have fun twists and turns. The Patriots-Colts rivalry used to be the definition of a rivalry, but that has faded. I really enjoy the Saints-Falcons rivalry as well. What is the one rivalry that can headline the league right now? I think I have to agree with Bill and go Seahawks-49ers, but Pete’s future outlook on the Chiefs-Texans rivalry is great, and the Chiefs-Ravens should be up there as well. - Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider

Cowboys vs. Giants, regardless of how good both teams are

I have to go with Cowboys vs. Giants. This has been one of the NFL’s most heated rivalries for the last four decades, and it’s also been arguably the league’s most competitive since both teams have combined for seven Super Bowl wins since 1987 (four for Dallas and three for New York). It’s hard to find a rivalry in any sport that has had that much championship success between two teams. Cowboys-Giants is also a fixture in primetime slots every year, regardless of how good both teams actually are. - Jason Marcum, Cincy Jungle