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FAQs about our new commenting platform, Coral

We’re rolling out a new commenting platform called Coral across SB Nation fan communities, beginning with our NFL sites and Below is an FAQ to help answer many of the questions we think you might have – if your question isn’t answered below, please reach out to

Why have the comments changed?

We’ve been using the same commenting platform for over a decade, and as we’ve heard from many of you, the tools from our earliest days simply aren’t built for the modern web, including experiences we want to build in the future. Making fixes and improvements to the original system gets tougher every year.

We’ve been working hard to create a new tool with features that have been on many of our wish lists for years. And it works great on phones.

The new system is called Coral, and it’s been built by a team that was acquired last year from Mozilla by Vox Media. Coral is being used by more than 150 sites around the world, and this version contains dozens of features and customizations that the team has created especially for SB Nation fan communities.

We know it’ll take a bit of getting used to and that many of you will miss the old system – we ask only that you give it a chance and then tell us honestly what you think. This is a constant work in progress, and we will continue to evolve the tools over the coming months and years to support you, the best fan communities on the internet.

Why haven’t the comments changed on all the other SB Nation sites?

We’re doing a staggered rollout so we can learn and improve as we go. This tool will be launched on all SB Nation sites over the coming months.

Where are my old comments?

We’ve kept your old commenting history and will be migrating it into Coral, when you’ll be able to take advantage of features like our “Download your comment history” tool for all of your SB Nation comments. You can see all comments you’ve left in the new system under the My Profile tab at the top of the comments.

Why do you need my email address?

Verifying email addresses allows community members to subscribe to email alerts for when people reply to you or if your comment has been featured as one of the best on the site. It also helps reduce spam.

I’m logged in, but I still can’t comment. Why not?

Your account might have a restriction on it from the old system. You might need to verify your email address – check your email (including spam folders) for the link. Otherwise, please contact the moderation team for more information.

How do I write a comment?

You have to be logged in to comment. After you’ve written and submitted a comment, once it appears on the page, you have a few minutes to edit or change the text. On the top right of your comment is an Edit button - you must submit your changes within the timeframe, otherwise you should post a new comment to reflect what you wanted to say.

You can see your account history and make changes to your notification settings under the My Profile tab at the top of the comments.

How do I embed a Tweet / YouTube video / a GIF in my comments?

Simply paste the web address of the tweet or video into a comment, and select ADD TWEET or ADD VIDEO where it asks at the bottom of the comment. To add a GIF, press the GIF button next to the comment box to bring up a GIF search box. You can only add one tweet, video, or GIF to the end of each comment.

How do I see if someone has replied to my comment?

Go to My Profile at the top of the comment box, and then select Preferences. You can set up notifications for replies (and more) here.

Why hasn’t my comment appeared yet?

First, check the sort feature in the top right of the comments: your comment may be published, but the default sort has been changed from ‘Newest’ to one of the other options. If you change it back to Newest, your comment might be visible.

Additionally, sometimes comments are held back for review. This might be because of the subject of the article, or because our system wants a moderator to take another look at what you’ve said. We’ll review it as soon as we can; you can sign up to be notified when your pending comments have been reviewed by going to My Profile > Preferences at the top of the comment box.

I’ve written a typo, how do I fix it?

After you’ve written your comment, you have a few minutes in which you can fix typos or add more context. On the top right of your comment is a button labeled Edit. When the time for editing expires, the button will disappear.

Where do I find the comments I’ve written?

Go to My Profile at the top of the comment box, and your comments are displayed there, as well as a button to be emailed a link to download your comments as a .csv file (compatible with all spreadsheet tools).

How do I find the latest comments?

At the top right of the comment box is a menu for sorting the comments. The default is ‘Newest’, but it will remember any changes you make. When the comments are listed in order of ‘Newest’ first, you’ll see updated messages appear at the top of the comments as new comments are published. You’ll also see updates in context as replies to comments are posted.

How can I find articles where there are active conversations happening in the comments?

Go to the Discussions tab at the top of the comments section – you can find links to active discussions and also to the comments you’ve already participated in.

What kind of comments are acceptable on this site?

You can read our community guidelines here. tl;dr: don’t be a jerk.

How do I report a commenter who’s breaking the rules?

Next to each comment is a Report button. Thank you for helping us keep the community respectful and free of abuse.

What can I do about annoying commenters?

You can ignore any commenters (except staff members) by clicking on their username and selecting ‘Ignore’. This hides their comments from view for you across all of SB Nation. You can undo this at any time under My Profile>Preferences at the top of the comment box.

How do I link to a comment?

Each button has a Share button. Select that and a Copy Link button appears. This copies a link to that comment that you can paste into email, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else. The comment appears in the context of the rest of the discussion, in a view mode called “Single Discussion View.”

What is this new system doing with my data?

The same as before, nothing more and nothing less. Learn more about Vox Media’s privacy policy here.

I have another question / a suggestion for a feature / improvement.

That’s great! We’d love to hear from you. You can contact the team that works on this system here: