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This Texas mom tackled the hell out of a man looking into her daughter’s window


Don’t mess with Texas — and by extension, don’t mess with Texas moms. A woman is going viral this morning after video from a local news broadcast emerged showed her blowing up a dude with a perfect form tackle so good that young players should study it.

Phyllis Pena was returning from the grocery store on Sunday morning when she spotted a man peering through the window of her teenage daughter. The creeper started to run when police arrived, so to make sure he didn’t have a chance the woman squared up and leveled him.

It’s not just the tackle that’s great here, but the preparation. This is some serious linebacker lateral movement, and notice that she’s keeping her eyes locked on the dude’s midsection. She’s totally clued on on where he’s moving, and obliterated him on camera for our enjoyment.

The cops who arrived on scene appreciated it too, telling Pena: “Hey, so I heard the Texans are looking for a new linebacker,” and giving her a fist bump for good measure.

Never, ever doubt someone when they go into momma bear mode, and you best not step to Phyllis Pena, because she’ll drop you.