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Throwing a screaming bobcat across your yard is the ultimate dad sport

Bobcat throwing is the dad sport of 2021.

Dads of the world have been looking to find a new hobby to dive into, and we might just have it. Bobcat throwing is the ultimate dad sport, typified by this brave dad.

This video is not just an example of a man diving in to protect those around him, but a dad operating at peak dad for 36 seconds of distilled perfection. It has every trapping of a perfect dad moment.

  1. Greeting the neighbors and interrupting their alone time.
  2. Making a comment about how the car needs to be washed.
  3. Carrying too many things and using the vehicle as a shelf.
  4. Displaying sloth-like movement until a moment of action.
  5. Letting the neighborhood know you’re handling a threat.

It’s not just these qualities, but how this dad holds the bobcat, like it’s a newborn he’s terrified will throw up on his new IZOD polo.

Experts will tell you not to engage a bobcat in the wild, instead getting away from it and calling animal control. This is not the dad way. If dads intended to follow the rules they’d look at instructions when assembling an Ikea FJÄLLBO entertainment center, or not take the 9 p.m. closing time of Home Depot as a suggestion before turning up at 8:57 to find very specific flooring nails that require assistance from customer service.

This is all wicked impressive. I don’t know if I’d have the reflexes to jump across my yard like this, grab a screeching, scratching bobcat and hurl it across my yard like an Olympic shotputter — and I have a 4-year-old. Maybe my dad reflexes just haven’t kicked in yet.

I can’t wait for this dad to be celebrated at the 15th Annual International Dad Conference in Key West. He’ll be a keynote speaker discussing the importance of wildlife protection nuzzled in between the presentation from John Deere on their new line of roto-tillers, and New Balance unveiling their 2022 sneakers.