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This dad made a hilarious post-game press conference about parenting

The snack before dinner line killed me.

Comedians “The Dumb Dads” created the perfect mock post-game press conference for every parent out there, not just us dumb dads.

Every thing about this is so real it hurts. First of all, the sponsors. I’d wager 34 of my daughter’s clothes are Cat & Jack. I know that brand so immediately it’s like I’m standing in a Target right now, and Skippy peanut butter is, well, peanut butter.

What really sets this apart is the commitment to detail. From calling a critical time out to prevent a melt down, to the entirely too real mistake of the pre-dinner snack coming too close to meal time. I literally did this last night, and yes, my four-year-old only ate three bites of dinner before she said she was full. Then I got hit with the “I’m hungry” right after tucking her in for bed. Simply crushing.

Listening to this even gave me the appropriate amount of anxiety. I know that feeling of getting behind early too, and the whole day is like digging your way out of a hole. Nap time happens too late, or horrifyingly not at all, and especially with a young kid what began as a seemingly pleasant Saturday can turn into a Sisyphian torment of feeling like you’ve almost conquered it, then another melt down happens. Normally over a very specific marker that can’t be found when there are already 15 PERFECTLY FINE MARKERS IN FRONT OF YOU. SERIOUSLY, JUST USE ANOTHER MARKER. I know you like the purple marker. Look, here’s another purple marker that works just fine. What do you mean it’s not the right marker? Just use this one. No, I’m not pulling out the entire sofa to find the marker. Why? I’m cooking dinner. No, we’re not having pizza for dinner, because we already had pizza this week. I know pizza is yummy, but I don’t want the other parents and your teachers to judge me if you say you had pizza twice in three nights. No, I’m not going to find the purple marker right now. Yes, I can put on Puppy Dog Pals.

Sorry, I had a bit of a break there. I’m back. Well done Dumb Dads.