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Guy Fieri would be one of the highest paid athletes in the NFL, NBA or MLB

These 17 athletes need to call their agents.

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Guy Fieri is bringing the fuego to Flavortown with a new Food Network contract that is paying him an astonishing $80 million over three years. I’m not going to hate at all, the dude is the MVP of Drivers, Dine-Ins, AND Dives — three essential skills every TV host needs.

That said, it’s beyond hilarious that Fieri’s $26.7M per year makes him higher paid than some of the biggest players in the sports world. I’m mentioning this not to shame the incredible athletic ability of these players, but rather as a bargaining chip in negotiations so they can tell a team “you gotta pay me more than Guy Fieri.”

For the purposes of this we’re going to put in a few provisions. Firstly, the player needs to have appeared in one All Star game, or equivalent — at a skill position in the case of the NFL, because defensive players tend to be underpaid. Also, we’re going to focus solely on NFL, MLB and NBA here — just because the money needs to be in the same ballpark. Finally I’m looking at overall contract value as a comparison, not veterans who gave their teams a one-year salary break before it skyrockets.


Alvin Kamara (5 years, $75M)

George Kittle (5 years, $75M)

Julio Jones (3 years, $66M)

Christian McCaffery (4 years, $65M)

Dalvin Cook (5 years, $63M)

Davante Adams (4 years, $58M)

Travis Kelce (4 years, $57M)

Derrick Henry (4 years, $50M)


Zach Lavine (4 years, $78M)

Julius Randle (3 years, $62.1M)

DeAndre Jordan (4 years, $39M)


Hyun-Jin Ryu (4 years, $80M)

Lorenzo Cain (5 years, $80M)

Marcell Ozuna (4 years, $65M)

Dallas Keuchel (3 years, $55.5M)

Andrew McCutcheon (3 years, $50M)

Jose Abreu (3 years, $50M)

I tried to limit this to guys who were at least in the same region as Fieri’s contract, just so they could have a fighting chance in negotiations. If you made the list it’s time to call your agent and say “I’m making less than Guy Fieri.”