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Establish the Fun: Pac-12, Conference-USA, Sun Belt football championship games in spotlight

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Hamburg scored the most embarrassing own goal of the year

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Shohei Ohtani’s final 4 free agency suitors, ranked, plus 1 surprise team

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Jon Rahm's rumored $600M PGA Tour betrayal for LIV Golf has fans up in arms

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Dak Prescott proved he’s a legit MVP candidate in Cowboys-Seahawks

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DK Metcalf learning sign language to talk trash is the funniest bit in the NFL

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Point Forward

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The Point God (feat. Chris Paul)

Due to recent headlines, we felt it was only right to sit down with the one and only, Point GOD himself, Chris Paul. We took a deep dive into the NBA and it’s evolution over his nearly two decades as a player on consistently playoff contending teams. From his hate of Golden State, to now playing for them, no stones were left unturned. Not to mention, we get to the bottom of where his bad rep comes from which leads us to question, is the league getting more soft?   

Before getting into the wild stories, hosts Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner break down the current NBA In-Season Tournament title and MVP odds. Can Tyrese Haliburton bring the Pacers to the forefront? Can Giannis have a good enough streak to outlast LeBron’s Lakers? Let's take a look.  

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