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A Huge Dog

Good dog.

What football will look like in the future

Chart Party: The Browns live in hell

In the season finale of Chart Party, we finally visit the Browns, who are doomed to toil in football agony until the end of time.


Pretty Good, episode 13: Randall Cunningham Seizes the Means of Production

In 1987, Eagles coach Buddy Ryan and quarterback Randall Cunningham ran the most unsportsmanlike play in NFL history. The Cowboys totally deserved it.


Chart Party: The saddest plate appearance of all time

Troy State 253, DeVry 141: Pretty Good, Episode 12


Chart Party: The history of the NFL, 1987-2016

17776: Questions and answers


Chart Party: What if Barry Bonds had played without a bat?

Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0


Pretty Good, episode 11: Baron Davis from 89 feet

Chart Party: Scorigami, or the story of every NFL final score that has ever happened

A few times every NFL season, you see final scores that have never happened in the history of the league. This is the 95-year history of this fine art.

Jeff Francoeur, my favorite worst baseball player

Rat poison and brandy: The 1904 Olympic marathon

It's not a fire hydrant. You're stoned, that's all

What the heck is a catch, anyway? An explainer

The NFL can't ever seem to decide what a catch is and isn't. So how are we as fans supposed to know, anyway? Here's an explainer to help explain the rule book once and for all.

We decided to erase the three-pointer


Jack Bauer's American nightmare