Ranking 129 college football campuses by Chipotle proximity by Jason Kirk @JasonKirkSBN

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Everyone likes Chipotle, but young people like it even more than they like neon tank tops and cell phone apps that only do one thing each. Every other restaurant wants to be like Chipotle because of this.

Chipotle has set up shop near just about every college campus because campuses have lots of young people, in my opinion. Colleges can brag about this because colleges are also in the business of marketing to young people.

And nobody's more in the business of marketing to young people than college football teams are. How long will it be until a college football team tries to woo a recruit based on how near its campus is to a Chipotle? Yeah, that's already happened.

Since Chipotle proximity is now a competitive factor for football programs (shhhh, of course it is), it's time to rank all of FBS, based on Chipotle.com's listings and Google Maps. All 128 teams and the in-limbo UAB are included, and you can type your conference's name to narrow the list.

All distances are approximate and based on the closest accessible point of land that can be considered campus. If you discover an error, please holler, as maps might not be fully updated. [Update: a few edits have been made, including San Diego State's campus Chipotle, which doesn't appear on Google Maps and is listed as 0.1 miles away by Chipotle.com.]

Four extremely important takeaways

1. Those top few are very close. While San Diego State's is on campus, the next few dozen involve judgment calls. Here's Mizzou's, via Google Maps ...


... and here's Kentucky's, which is just a few feet more. It's a game of inches.


2. The Big Ten wins, with a median distance of .04 miles, or about 210 feet. The SEC's close behind, followed by the Pac-12, ACC and Big 12. Those five conferences also happen to be the "Power 5," the ones with the most money and whose champions automatically make New Year's Six bowl games. Big student bodies mean big things all around.

3. The MAC and Conference USA lead the non-powers, with the American and Mountain West lagging. The Sun Belt has major Chipotle concerns, only partially due to including the remote Idaho.

4. Pity the Mississippi schools, all of which must cross state lines to find America's favorite food sleeve, but especially Mississippi State. Its nearest Chipotle is basically on division rival Alabama's campus.

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