College football offseason awards by Pete Volk @Pete_Volk

Offseason Coach of the Year

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

Here's a list of things Jim Harbaugh has done since being hired by his alma mater:

  • Started his tenure by almost tripping.




Urban Meyer, Ohio State


Offseason Heisman

Cardale Jones, Ohio State QB

This offseason, the national championship-winning quarterback ...

  • Hit his coach with bunny ears on national TV.



Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma QB

Only Reason to Watch SEC Media Days

Bret Bielema, Arkansas

Dumbest Offseason Yelling Thing


Some coaches from the ACC, SEC and Pac-12 said they want to see Notre Dame join a league, with some even saying the Irish shouldn't be eligible for the Playoff until they do.

Notre Dame hasn't been in a conference, ever, so it's unclear why this is suddenly a big deal.

Runners-up: Satellite campsBig 12 expansion, whatever Nick Saban complained about this year and the Big Ten's freshman ineligibility thing

Best Offseason Touchdown

Leah Still, Temple

Runner-up: 89-year-old Bryan Sperry, Kansas

Weirdest Display of Fandom

Definitely this guy


Most Displays of Fandom

Kenny Chesney

Ole Miss, Nebraska, Northwestern, NC State, Mississippi State ... you name it, Kenny's a fan.

Best Fifth-grade Art Project

Nebraska's uniforms


Is that ... is that Space Invaders? Tree leaves?


The 2015 ACC media guide's hidden profane message.

Badass-est Use of History

San Diego State's badass new uniforms


B1Ggest Achievement

Anthony Zettel, Penn State

How @anthonyzettel trains in the off season

A video posted by @dudas_5 on

Zettel also did this:

Best New Trophy

The Piesman Trophy

Worst New Trophy

The Civil Conflict



'The only fact implicating Texas [in this lawsuit] is that [defensive coordinator John] Chavis happened to defect to Texas A&M and chose to begin working for A&M before his service to LSU was complete,' the new filing says. 'Notwithstanding the Aggies dire need for defensive help, Chavis could have defected to a college or professional team in any state, or even in a foreign country.'

The Annual NFL-Copying-College Award


Lane Kiffin did it first, y'all.

Presidential Medal of Joey-dom

Joey Bosa, Ohio State


Offseason Brand of the Year


Whataburger had this award wrapped up in April.

But then decided to seal the deal in July. No, not with the Meek Mill tweet. By shutting down Arkansas:

Offseason Outdoorsman Award

Nick Saban, Alabama

But how fast could the tarpon run the 40?

Alumni Award

Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

Retirement is busy for Marcus. His days are packed with so much school and so many appearances and charitable events he hasn't had time, or perhaps the inclination, to help much with the planning of his wedding to Miranda, who he asked to marry him in the spring. Not that his fiancé has let him off the hook. "He's in charge of the honeymoon," Miranda says.

Just take some time out of your day to read this. It will be worth it.

Stuntingnest Stunting Trophy

North Dakota State

When you've won four straight national championships, why not fill up a car with them?

Bison Pride Friday - Road Trip!Road trips are always more fun with friends.Quad squad had a nice drive around Fargo...

Posted by North Dakota State Bison on Friday, April 24, 2015

Endurance Cup

The North Carolina academic scandal, 2010 to 2016 at the earliest

The school reported new infractions in August, delaying any potential punishment until after Signing Day and March Madness. What a coincidence!

Foresight Award

2007 Steve Spurrier, South Carolina

I realize I'm not supposed to get in the political arena as a football coach, but if anybody were ever to ask me about that damn Confederate flag, I would say we need to get rid of it. I've been told not to talk about that. But if anyone were ever to ask me about it, I certainly wish we could get rid of it.

Parent Participation Cup




Snoop Dogg throwing away USC parephenaliaDeion Sanders obliterating his son on Twitter

Workout Warrior




Mizzou lineman Evan Boehm and his Daisy Dukes

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mark May and Lou Holtz, no longer on your televisions

We'll actually miss ya, Lou. As for Mark, well, we'll always have your tweets.