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There are more than 100 Daves or Davids in the world! Here are 64 of them. Narrow down this bracket to the best Dave, hit Submit, and find out how right you are. And discuss your Daves in the comments here.

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David Archuleta
David Arquette
Dave Attell
David Attenborough
Dave Barry
Dave Bautista (Batista)
David Beckham
David Ben-Gurion
David Blaine
John David Booty
David Bowie
David Brent
David Byrne
David Cameron
David Carr
David Chang
Dave Chappelle
Dave Coulier
David Cronenberg
David Cross
David, Larry
Dave Davies
David Duchovny
Dave Eggers
David Fincher
Dave Foley
Dave Franco
David Alan Grier
David Hasselhoff
David Hockney
David Hume
David “Deacon” Jones
Dave Krieg
David Lean
David Lee
David Letterman
David Luiz
David Lynch
David Mamet
Dave Matthews
Dave Navarro
David Niven
David Ortiz
Dave Parker
David Hyde Pierce
David Pollack
David Robinson
David Lee Roth
David Schwimmer
David Sedaris
David Segui
David Silva
David Spade
Dave Stewart (dude from Eurythmics)
Dave Stewart (pitcher)
David Tennant
Dave, that nice dude who was pretty great in the sack
Dave Thomas
David Villa
David Foster Wallace
David Wells
David West
David Wilson
Dave Winfield
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BracketeersJon Bois, Spencer Hall

DeveloperGraham MacAree