The quarterback landscape has had some dramatic shifts in 2017. As many as eight teams could have a different starting quarterback in Week 1 than what they ended 2016 with.

Part of that is due a host of quarterback injuries, including Joe Flacco (back), Ryan Tannehill (ACL tear), and Andrew Luck (shoulder). Tannehill is out for season, making Jay Cutler a legitimate fantasy option at quarterback.

Flacco and Luck are both in danger of missing Week 1, and Luck may be out longer. That means guys like Ryan Mallett and Scott Tolzien could also become fantasy relevant for brief periods.

Then you’ve got several quarterback battles that have yet to be decided. That includes Bryce Petty vs. Josh McCown, DeShone Kizer vs. Brock Osweiler, and Tom Savage vs. Deshaun Watson. We may not get resolution on them until the regular season, so for now, we’re updating our rankings and offering projections of who we think wins those battles.

Scott Kaliska Jeff Goldberg Derek Gordon Alex Welch Zachary Senvisky Jason Marcum
1 Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers
2 Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady
3 Drew Brees Drew Brees Derek Carr Drew Brees Drew Brees Drew Brees
4 Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Drew Brees Andrew Luck Derek Carr Andrew Luck
5 Matt Ryan Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Russell Wilson
6 Andrew Luck Jameis Winston Russell Wilson Matt Ryan Jameis Winston Matt Ryan
7 Kirk Cousins Derek Carr Marcus Mariota Kirk Cousins Ben Roethlisberger Jameis Winston
8 Marcus Mariota Andrew Luck Cam Newton Cam Newton Russell Wilson Marcus Mariota
9 Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota Andrew Luck Matthew Stafford Kirk Cousins Kirk Cousins
10 Cam Newton Kirk Cousins Tyrod Taylor Derek Carr Andrew Luck Cam Newton
11 Derek Carr Cam Newton Philip Rivers Marcus Mariota Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger
12 Ben Roethlisberger Dak Prescott Kirk Cousins Dak Prescott Philip Rivers Derek Carr
13 Dak Prescott Philip Rivers Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger Cam Newton Matthew Stafford
14 Philip Rivers Ben Roethlisberger Andy Dalton Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota Andy Dalton
15 Matthew Stafford Tyrod Taylor Ben Roethlisberger Tyrod Taylor Dak Prescott Dak Prescott
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