Location: Tucson, AZ

Conference: Pac-12

Mascot: Wildcats

Coach: Sean Miller

Record: 31-3 (16-2)

Kenpom ranking: 2

Good wins (Kenpom ranking): Utah x 2 (8) Gonzaga (6) Oregon x 3 (47)

Bad losses (Kenpom ranking): @ Oregon State (117) @ UNLV (100) @ Arizona State (70)

Tournament appearances: 32 (current streak: 4)

Best result: Champions (1997)

NBA alumni: Andre Iguodala, Jason Terry and Mike Bibby

Best name: Elliott Pitts

Famous alumni: Kourtney Kardashian, Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Bruckheimer

The Wildcats blew the doors off of the Pac-12 all year long, but weren't rewarded with a 1-seed. Here's how dominant they were: The Wildcats won their three Pac-12 Tournament games by 56 points. They lost the three games they lost this year by a combined nine points. The wild thing is, this wasn't the same cast of characters -- the Wildcats lost their MVP, Nick Johnson, and elite draft pick Aaron Gordon, but the addition of stud freshman wing Stanley Johnson made up for it.

Style of play: Bearing Down

Arizona boasts the third-most efficient D in hoops, and grab a higher percentage of defensive boards than anybody. On offense: TJ McConnell is the least physically gifted player in the Wildcats' rotation, but he keeps the symphony of talent around him playing to the best of their ability, boasting the fifth-best assist rate in the nation and making sure Arizona rarely turns it over.

Key player: Stan the man

Stanley Johnson is a physical juggernaut -- 6'7, 245 pounds, with enough upper body strength to rip a human being's head off. Arizona likes to play in transition. That means this human who could be employed as a professional ripper-offer of human beings' heads, is sometimes asked to run as fast as he can in a direction and shove a ball through a hoop with as much force as he feels like. He can also hit jumpers!