Location:Indianapolis, IN

Conference: Big East

Mascot: Bulldogs

Coach: Chris Holtmann

Record: 22-10 (12-6)

Kenpom ranking: 23

Good wins (Kenpom ranking): North Carolina (16) Georgetown (21) @ Providence (28)

Bad losses (Kenpom ranking): @ Tennessee (89) vs. Indiana (53)

Tournament appearances: 12 (most recently: 2013)

Best result: Runners-up (twice, most recently 2011)

NBA alumni: Gordon Hayward and Shelvin Mack

Best name: Roosevelt Jones

Famous alumni: Jim Jones (the cult-leader)

The Bulldogs have been through a whirlwind: First, Brad Stevens, who led the team to two national title games, left for the Celtics. Brandon Miller was his replacement, but left before this season for undisclosed medical reasons. Chris Holtmann was the interim coach, but he did such a remarkable job in such a strange situation that the team named him full-time coach in January.

Style of play: Balldogs

The Bulldogs are one of the best rebounding teams in college basketball, especially on the defensive glass: Kameron Woods personally grabs 27.4 percent of opposing team's misses, while opposing teams grab 24.9 percent of their own misses. So the 6'9 center effectively out rebounds the entire other team. Don't expect second-chance points.

Key player: dunHAM

It just isn't Butler if they're not led by a gunner who looks like he couldn't bench press an iPhone. The famous one is Gordon Hayward, and now it's Kellen Dunham: The Indiana kid is a scrawny 6'6, 180-pound junior who drills 41 percent of his threes from downtown -- and he takes quite a few.

Baby Blue

Butler has an English Bulldog mascot, Butler Blue III. Last week, the 3-year-old, also known at Trip, had his first ever on-court accident: Blue threw up all over the court at Madison Square Garden "out of sheer excitement." In 2013, he took over the reins from Butler Blue II, who was a very good dog and I actually just had to stop writing for 10 full minutes because I was crying really hard and kinda still am crying. Trip had a playdate with Georgetown's bulldog Jack!