Location: Boston

Conference: Colonial Athletic Association

Mascot: Huskies

Coach: Bill Coen

Record: 23-11 (12-6 CAA)

Kenpom ranking: 120

Good wins: at Florida State, at Richmond

Bad losses: vs. Delaware, at Elon

Tournament appearances: 8 (most recent: 1991)

Best result: Round of 32 (Twice, most recently: 1982)

NBA alumni: JJ Barea, Reggie Lewis

Best name: Literally no funny names at all

Celebrity fan: Wendy Williams, Jane Curtin, the guy who invented Napster

Northeastern was a fixture in the NCAA Tournament in the 1980s, but hadn't been dancing in 24 years until this year's squad. Laden with experience -- no freshman plays in more of a third of the team's minutes -- the Huskies turned a 10-20 campaign last year and finished in a four-way tie for first in the CAA this year before winning the league's tourney.

Style of play

The Huskies turn it over a lot and don't force a lot of turnovers, which actually says less about their talents than it does about their discipline and quest for shot quality. On offense, it's about moving the ball and finding a good shot, even if you turn it over. On defense, it's about never gambling for steals so the offense doesn't gain an advantage.

Key player: Northea-therton

Northeastern's star is the Husky from Hershey, Scott Eatherton, a fifth-year senior who began his career at St. Francis (Penn.) The 6'9 center doesn't bring a whole ton of finesse to the position, but averaged a double-double as a junior and has become a highly efficient scorer as a senior, shooting 62 percent on twos.

Playing 6-on-5

If for some reason, the refs decide to award a power play to Northeastern's opponent, don't worry, they're prepared: So far as I can tell they're the only team to successfully convert on a fast break going against six defenders this year. Although to be fair, that mop boy didn't provide any help.