West Virginia

Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Conference: Big 12

Mascot: Mountaineers

Coach: Bob Huggins

Record: 23-9

Kenpom ranking: 25

Good wins (Kenpom ranking): Oklahoma (9), Kansas (11), Texas (19)

Bad losses (Kenpom ranking): None

Tournament appearances: 24

Best result: Runner-Up (1959)

NBA alumni: Jerry West, Hot Rod Hundley

Best name: BillyDee Williams

Famous alumni: Billy Mays, Don Knotts

Not often do you see an established coach decide to adopt a wildly new strategy, but Bob Huggins felt he had to. He'd just missed the NCAA Tournament for the second time, something he hadn't done since 1990, and his team was losing its second- and third-best scorers. So he did away with his methodical teams of past years and adopted a high octane full-court press -- and it worked, turning his team into a turnover-forcing machine.

Style of play: Huggy's Mountain Madness

West Virginia's press forces turnovers on 29.5 percent of opposing possessions. That's not just the best percentage in college hoops, it's the best since Air Force in 2004, and the best by a major conference team since Ken Pomeroy began tracking the stat. It's somewhat easy to score once you get it across halfcourt -- and the Mountaineers lead the nation in fouls -- but they're better at the press than anybody in recent memory.

Key player: Staten Island

West Virginia subs pretty constantly to keep players fresh for the press, but they can ill afford minutes without senior point guard Juwan Staten. He's just 6'1, but there isn't an ounce of fear in him -- he's much happier getting into the lane than he is shooting a three, and he was second on the team in rebounds as a junior.

Don't taunt the Mountaineer

West Virginia's mascot isn't of the fuzzy variety, unless you count his beard. It's The Mountaineer, a student in a coonskin cap, buckskin clothes, and holding a musket. Don't be fooled: That's a real gun. In 2012, the Mountaineer was reprimanded by the school for a video in which he shot a bear with his musket.