Colorado Rockies

Do you remember when Nolan Arenado led the National League in home runs and total bases and played a spectacular third base? You might not remember any of these things unless you're a Rockies fan, but just know that you should probably keep track of them for, if nothing else, the progress of one Nolan Arenado. He's special. You want to talk about the rest of the team? We should probably just keep talking about Arenado, but okay!

Key Addition

Jake McGee gives the Rockies a legitimate closer, and anything that could help reduce the workload of their starters is a positive. Of course, a shutdown closer on a losing team seems like trade bait, but even if that's McGee's ultimate role for the Rockies, he should prove useful.

All additions: Jake McGee, Gerardo Parra, Mark Reynolds, Jason Motte

Key Departure

Corey Dickerson was the price for McGee, and while the Rockies could miss his bat, getting Gerardo Parra's glove in the very expansive outfield should help make up it.

All departures: Corey Dickerson, John Axford, Wilin Rosario, Justin Morneau

Best Case

The Rockies are in a transitional phase. They traded Troy Tulowitzki away last July, and if they find a deal they like for Carlos Gonzalez, they'll do the same with him this summer. They have loads of young talent, though, and more on the way given their finish in 2015, so the goal for 2016 is to find trade partners for their attractive veterans while continuing to develop the kids. If they happen to convince Nolan Arenado to sign an extension along the way, then even better.

Worst Case

The worst thing that can happen to the Rockies is the players they plan on trading for even more prospects to hurt themselves before it can happen. There is a plan here, and interruptions will not help them complete it. Of course, the Rockies tend to interrupt their own plans a little too often as well.

Projected Team

Lineup: Charlie Blackmon, DJ Lemahieu, Carlos Gonzalez, Nolan Arenado, Mark Reynolds, Gerardo Parra, Trevor Story, Nick Hundley

Rotation: Jorge De La Rosa, Chad Bettis, Tyler Chatwood, Jordan Lyles, Jon Gray