Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers should be pretty fun to watch in 2016. This doesn't mean they'll be any good, but they're like a prospect graveyard, one where Milwaukee is hoping a few zombies rise with all their limbs attached, ready to hit baseballs. Who doesn't want to watch that? Plus, whether you're a Brewers fan or not, someone you know is here, trying to make it for maybe the last time. There's a little piece of Brewers' baseball in all of us this year.

Key Addition

It's not any one addition that will help the Brewers this year. It's the general hope that one or more of Rymer Liriano, Chris Carter, Garin Cecchini, Will Middlebrooks, Jonathan Villar, Keon Broxton, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and on and on and on becomes the kind of player they were expected to back when they were legitimate prospects instead of mid-20s drifters.

All additions: The above, and also Aaron Hill

Key Departure

The Brewers have begun trading away their veterans, and there are likely more to come. The one that will hurt the most is Khris Davis, as he was still just 28 years old and slugged over .500 in 2015. That being said, he did bring the Brewers prospects who should be around even longer if things go well, so it's a temporary hurt.

All departures: Khris Davis, Adam Lind, Francisco Rodriguez, Jean Segura

Best Case

The Brewers aren't about to compete in a division featuring the Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates, but 2016 should be a valuable year of digging through the scrapheap they've built, hoping to find a few useful pieces here and there to either trade or keep. If Jonathan Lucroy can rebound and then be packaged for even more promising youth, if Aaron Hill can similarly hit and then be sent packing, if the young arms in the rotation can take a step forward, then 2016 was a success for the Brewers.

Worst Case

The Brewers have collected former prospects and failed major leaguers from around the game, so you probably don't need us to tell you how this can all go wrong. You've already seen it happen, they were just wearing different uniforms then.

Projected Team

Lineup: Scooter Gennett, Jonathan Lucroy, Ryan Braun, Chris Carter, Domingo Santana, Aaron Hill, Jonathan Villar, Keon Broxton

Rotation: Wily Peralta, Jimmy Nelson, Matt Garza, Taylor Jungmann, Chase Anderson