SB Nation's 2015NBA Season Preview



MVP? NBA title? When you're Anthony Davis, everything's up for grabs

by Paul Flannery

A devastating playoff failure and a coaching change made the New Orleans Pelicans star grow into a leader. Now Davis finally realizes that no NBA goal is too far. MVP? Championship? They're all up for grabs.

19 Best NBA '90s babies

by Tom Ziller

The league is transitioning from one dominated by players born in the 1980s to one ruled by '90s babies. We ranked the 19 best of that vintage.

100 steps to Kevin Durant's July

by Tom Ziller

After eight seasons of glory, the Thunder could be seeing the last of Kevin Durant this year. Or not. Things are complicated in Oklahoma City.

The land of 10,000 mistakes

by Kizito Madu

Minnesota's glut of fun, young stars have fans excited about the franchise's future. Stop us if you've heard that one before.

Damian Lillard has the makings of a franchise player

by Paul Flannery

With LaMarcus Aldridge gone and a crop of young Trail Blazers looking for a leader, Lillard knows what's expected of him in Portland. He'll write the next chapter of his career his way.

Kawhi Leonard ruins everything

by Kizito Madu

The best thing we can say about the San Antonio Spurs' emerging star is that he makes the players we love completely miserable.

The old John Wall scouting report is now useless

by Mike Prada

The Wizards' point guard is too good for the way teams used to guard him.

Rudy Gobert is revolutionizing the Utah Jazz

by Paul Flannery

Here's how young Frenchman Rudy Gobert's length and skill is turning Utah into a monstrous defensive team.

How Draymond Green gave the NBA's best team its bite

by Ricky O'Donnell

The Warriors were a nice team before elevating Draymond Green to the starting lineup. They became a special team once he arrived.


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