Can the Hawks develop into the Warriors 2.0?


Travis Schlenk’s following a blueprint he executed in Golden State, which resulted in three NBA championships. Replicating that success is an unreasonable ask, but if the Hawks stay on pace in development, Schlenk could have another contender in the next few years.






Dec 3 2019
Update Status: 1f37c

Trae Young is doing Trae Young things, but with John Collins' suspension and Kevin Huerter's injury, we haven't been able to see their potential.

Oct 25 2019
Update Status: 1f4c8

I don't want to overreact after one game, but did you see those 38 points from Trae Young? The John Collins double-double? De'Andre Hunter's debut? They even got a good Jabari Parker for a game! Kevin Huerter and Cam Reddish will be just fine. So far, pretty good.

Oct 16 2019
Update Status: 1f426

Kevin Huerter, the "Klay Thompson" in this formula by Travis Schlenk, hasn't played a preseason game and is a big piece of the puzzle. We may have to wait until the regular season to get our first real sample of the Hawks.