How online is Kevin Durant?


No NBA star is logged on to social media quite like Kevin Durant. He’s had some hilarious and relatable tweets in the past, but his engagement with fans, trolls and everyone else online is what makes his presence special. We love KD’s posts. Will he keep it up during the season as he’s sidelined with injury for the Nets?






Dec 3 2019
Update Status: 1f634

Kevin Durant's been pretty quiet on Twitter ever since the season started up, mostly just sticking to retweeting accounts promoting different appearances or partnerships.

Oct 27 2019
Update Status: 1f440

I mean, he's not wrong. Humans are around 60% water or something like that. This tweet was a lot more wild before I realized it was just a song lyric from Kanye West's new album, which makes more sense now. Thanks for sharing, KD.

Oct 16 2019
Update Status: 1f336

We're starting the season off strong with a Twitter debate on mid-range shots, which brought us this absolute gem of a tweet. I want to have this quote cross-stitched on a pillow that I can keep on my living room couch forever. Please keep this energy up all season, KD, because this is wonderful.