Is Kevin Love still living his best life?


Kevin Love had the best summer ever. He traveled the globe with his dog and girlfriend, pulling off amazing fits, and reminding us that life is so much more than our day jobs. His summer was a stark contrast from his current basketball situation. Can Love continue to live his best life despite being stuck on a terrible Cavs team?






Dec 3 2019
Update Status: 1f334

Kevin Love is doing just fine. He's on a Cavaliers team that ... isn't bad? His dog is still his best friend and he's been pulling off pregame fits that everyone loves. I'm happy for Kevin Love!

Oct 29 2019
Update Status: 1f334

The Cavs aren't the worst team in the East and Kevin Love wore a Beavis and Butthead jean jacket to a game. I think he's currently fine.

Oct 17 2019
Update Status: 1f611

Kevin Love is currently playing the role of the wise veteran leader in a city he loves saying all the right things until he gets traded. I respect it.