Is Kyrie Irving using his galaxy brain for good?


Kyrie Irving is either the coolest guy on the planet, or the dude who thinks our planet is flat. He’s intelligent, charismatic, and one of the most exciting players we’ve ever seen with the ball in his hands. It’s just that sometimes he gets sidetracked by YouTube rabbit hole spirals after dark. Will a move to Brooklyn help Kyrie channel is energy fully towards basketball?






Dec 3 2019
Update Status: 1f60e

Oh, it's been an interesting year for Kyrie already. He missed both games against the Celtics, didn't travel to Boston, and the takes were hot. He uploaded a very long Instagram story text picture about why the NBA is just entertainment. He honestly had a point, but I couldn't read it all because it was so dang long. Kyrie's been handling things fairly well so far but we are absolutely on the edge of chaos.

Oct 29 2019
Update Status: 1f3c0

Kyrie's start in Brooklyn has already been interesting. He dropped 50 points in the home opener in a loss, but reports are coming out that his mood swings make Nets officials queasy, including an episode in China during a photoshoot. It's hard for me as an outsider to know what causes those mood swings so I don't want to rush to any judgements. I just hope he is okay and can continue to play his best ball in Brooklyn.

Oct 17 2019
Update Status: 1f60e

Kyrie is saying and doing all the right things as he eases into his new city of Brooklyn. We'll see where it goes from here.