Is the LeBron James era over?


The King missed the playoffs last season for the first time since the start of George W. Bush’s second term. Armed with a superstar running mate and a full summer to rest, LeBron certainly looks poised to ascend back to the throne he temporary abdicated last year. But nobody rules forever, and LeBron’s minutes load is unprecedented. Was last year actually the beginning of the end?




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Dec 3 2019
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We're a quarter of the way into the season, and it's clear rumors of LeBron James' relative demise were greatly exaggerated. Other players have been more statistically dominant, but James has re-expanded his game to lead the Lakers to the league's best record. He's on pace to lead the league in assists for the first time in his career and is playing aggressive defense for the first time in six years. The Lakers' schedule gets much tougher in December, but James' strong opening statement has been enough to plant him back on top, where he belongs.

Oct 28 2019
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The first game of the 2019-20 season was a field day for those writing LeBron James off. Not only did he go just 7-19 from the field for 18 points against the Clippers, but he also watched counterpart Kawhi Leonard dominate on both ends the same way James once did routinely. The King bounced back with a near-triple double against Utah three nights later, but I need to see much more of that before the memory of that first game escapes my mind.

Oct 16 2019
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LeBron's incoherent comments on the NBA's involvement in China are correctly getting most of the attention this preseason. Prior to all that, James spoke of the need to take a back seat to Anthony Davis, but also told ESPN's Kendrick Perkins (that's still weird to say!) that he'd "reclaim his throne as the best player in the NBA." I'm not sure how James takes a backseat and still emerges as the NBA's best player, but at least he seems motivated.