Where in the world is Carmelo Anthony?


Carmelo Anthony hasn’t played NBA since November 8th, 2018, after just 13 games with the Houston Rockets. Melo’s not at the level he once was, but he deserves a better end to his career. After spending the summer working on his game — and posting about it on social media — this is the time for it. Someone give Melo a chance, please.






Dec 3 2019
Update Status: 1f624

In case you missed it, MELO'S BACK. Melo signed with the Portland Trail Blazers and was just named Western Conference Player of the Week after averaging 22 points per game in the Blazers' 3-0 run. We're so happy for you, Melo.

Oct 16 2019
Update Status: 1f334

Welp, the season's about to start and Melo still doesn't have a team. But he did post a photo on his Instagram a week ago of him with a glass of wine. I hope he's at least enjoying himself while he waits to get picked up by a team. Someone please sign Melo.