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A Q&A with Tom Lorenzo of SB Nation’s Nets site Nets Daily.

What needs to happen for this to be an enjoyable season for Nets fans?

How about 70-plus healthy games from the backcourt duo of Jeremy Lin and D'Angelo Russell. Maybe Caris LeVert is in the running for MIP?

Enjoyable also means the "future Nets" draft pick is no more after this season, so getting through the year and actually getting to own the pick NEXT season will be one of the great joys for Nets fans.

Brooklyn Nets / Projected Starters
Position Starters Bench
Guards D’Angelo Russell Jeremy Lin Sean Kilpatrick Isaiah Whitehead Spencer Dinwiddie
Wings Rondae Hollis-Jefferson DeMarre Carroll Caris LeVert Allen Crabbe Joe Harris
Bigs Timofey Mozgov Trevor Booker Tyler Zeller Jarrett Allen Quincy Acy

What makes Nets fans most excited about this year? What makes Nets fans most nervous?

General manager Sean Marks actually has a plan in place. That's what makes me most excited.

It will take some time, a whole lotta precious time, to see that plan come together, which is what makes us most nervous. Will the ownership allow for the plan to take shape or will it get nervous and make him pivot?

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What storyline might a national audience be missing about the Nets?

Watch out for the young kids. LeVert, Hollis-Jefferson, and obviously Russell may not have superstar appeal, but there's definitely talent there and coach Kenny Atkinson knows how to get the most out of his kids.

Why should neutrals pay attention to the Nets this year?

Because it's likely that we'll take a garbage contract back from your team in exchange for a draft pick or a young player.

Because Lin might be your starting point guard at some point this season if you sustain an injury.

What's your prediction for the season?

29-53. They'll miss out on the playoffs, but they will keep it close because, well, they're in the Eastern Conference. And they'll grow to be one of those sneaky teams that NBA diehards will tune into on League Pass because they are fun to watch.