Final Score 45 - 44

Colts vs Chiefs

The Indianapolis Colts pulled off the second-biggest playoff comeback in NFL history, turning a 28-point deficit in the third quarter into a 45-44 win over the visiting Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday.

It looked like it was going to be easy for the Chiefs. Up 38-10 after a dominant first half and early third quarter touchdown, Lucas Oil Stadium was silent. Andrew Luck had thrown back-to-back interceptions, uncharacteristically, and the Chiefs were taking sweet solace in giving the Colts their comeuppance after they beat the Chiefs handily in Kansas City two weeks earlier.

Then Robert Mathis sacked Alex Smith and forced a fumble that was recovered by the Colts, and hell promptly broke loose.

The Colts scored two touchdowns in a 4:30 span to quickly cut the deficit in half. After a Chiefs field goal they scored another touchdown to pull within 10 points. Lucas Oil shed its funereal atmosphere and came alive. Luck and the Colts had a reputation for making big comebacks. The crowd went bonkers after a 64-yard bomb from Luck to T.Y. Hilton finally put the Colts ahead and stood as the game-winner.

Louis Bien

Turning Point

With nine minutes left in the third quarter, Robert Mathis broke the line, sacked Alex Smith and forced a fumble ... the kind of play that's become Mathis' signature this season. The Colts recovered, and a minute and a half later, the Colts scored their second touchdown of the third quarter, making the score 38-24. Indianapolis scored three more times, and the defense held the Chiefs to just two field goals.

"Robert Mathis is still incredible. He had a huge play where he hit Smith from behind and forced a fumble, which the Colts recovered and turned into a touchdown a few plays later. Mathis again came up HUGE for the Colts."

-- Stampede Blue

Up Next

The Colts are going to New England on Saturday. These two teams haven't squared off since Nov. 2012, a game that ended with a lopsided Patriots win. Can Andrew Luck call up some of that same magic he worked against the Chiefs? He'll need it.