These are our predictions for the 2016 NFL season, my predictions. You might think they look a little dull, obvious, safe. It’s a fair assumption. I tend to follow my head over my heart when it comes to these kind of things. I had finally settled on the Vikings as my pick to be the NFC champs this year, talking myself out of more obvious choices like the Cardinals, the Seahawks or the Panthers. I liked the Vikings. I like what Mike Zimmer has done with the team. I especially liked what Teddy Bridgewater was capable of in his third season with an improved offensive line and better receivers. An hour later news broke that Bridgewater had suffered a pretty serious knee injury. For what it’s worth, I still think the Vikings can be a playoff team, but it was already a razor thin margin with Aaron Rodgers and a healthier Packers team. Now I suspect we’re almost certain to have to watch Mike McCarthy make yet another questionable coaching decision in January, frustrating everyone who picked that team to go all the way this year. I settled on the Cardinals, betting big on Carson Palmer’s knee. And I offer my preliminary apology to Arizona fans for cursing your team. It’s a tough year for all of these picks. Comeback Player of the Year is usually the easiest one of all to pick, but I went back and forth on that one for a full day, going from RG3 to Andrew Luck, even toying with dark horses and longshots like Jordy Nelson or Josh Gordon. But there’s only so much time to make predictions, all of which may be confidently flushed down the toilet by Week 10. Except for maybe Comeback Player of the Year, definitely sticking to that one. Oh, hey, enjoy the season! — Ryan Van Bibber, NFL editor