Dallas Cowboys

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Why we’re going all the way The Cowboys are coming off a 13-3 season and return almost all of their offense. Quarterback Dak Prescott now has a year under his belt and should be a better player in his second season. The same holds true for rushing champ Ezekiel Elliott, even if his six-game suspension is upheld. The top three receivers (Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams) are still together and they still have Jason Witten at tight end. Pair all that with their elite OL and the Cowboys are an offensive juggernaut.

The season is hopeless if [THIS] happens Besides an injury to Prescott, the thing that could really hurt the Cowboys is if their offseason bets on defense don’t pay off. The Cowboys redid their secondary and could end up playing some rookies. They are also hoping that a healthy Jaylon Smith can be a contributor at linebacker and that their defensive line can up their pass-rush game, but that’s no guarantee.

Who is your biggest rival and why? It would be easy to pick Washington, Philadelphia, or the Giants. But let’s do something more interesting and say "rival right now" and go with Green Bay. The Cowboys have lost two close playoffs games to the Packers in the last three years (including the Dez No-Catch game), and they also play again in 2017. The two teams have a storied history against each other since the Ice Bowl. At the moment, the Packers/Cowboys rivalry is hot.

Tailgate food that best describes your team? Tacos? I mean we did just draft Taco Charlton in the first round. But let’s go with a traditional Cowboys meal out on the trail driving cattle: steak and beans.

What does your team do better than anyone else? Stay in the news! I mean seriously, what team gets more coverage and does a better job of promoting itself than the Cowboys?