Green Bay Packers

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Why we’re going all the way After three seasons without a bona fide receiver threat at tight end, the Packers brought in Martellus Bennett on a three-year deal. Bennett not only provides the team with their best receiving tight end since Jermichael Finley, but his blocking acumen also provides a boost to the ground attack, where Ty Montgomery has gone through his first full offseason as a running back. If the return of Davon House as well as the arrival of rookie defensive backs Kevin King and Josh Jones improve the Packers’ pass defense, they have all the elements for a Super Bowl run.

The season is hopeless if [THIS] happens Obviously, a prolonged absence for Aaron Rodgers would sink the Packers. However, the season could also go down the tubes if the reconfigured offensive line that lost JC Tretter and T.J. Lang doesn’t hold up. Rodgers can dodge pressure as well as anyone, but the drop-off along the interior could stymie the offense all year.

Who is your biggest rival and why? When your team’s fans celebrate a song called "The Bears Still Suck," there can be only one answer. Our apologies go out to the Minnesota Vikings, who are likely the Packers’ biggest competition at present, but the Bears-Packers rivalry goes back farther than any other in NFL history, and entering the 2017 season it is all tied up, 94-94-6. In fact, if the Packers win in Week 4, they would be on top in the rivalry for the first time since 1932.

Tailgate food that best describes your team? Bratwurst, cheese (preferably in curd form), and beer. Tailgating is more than just a tradition in Wisconsin -- it’s an art form, and the humble bratwurst is without question the protein of choice. Whether fresh and squeaky or deep-fried, cheese curds are a necessary side as a symbol of Wisconsin’s dairy industry, while the state produces some of the best craft beer in the world and plenty of traditional macro beers, too.

What does your team do better than anyone else? Maintaining elite, Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback play. Packers fans recognize how lucky we have been to go from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers without skipping a beat, and how that transition has saved the organization from the quarterback hell that defines so many organizations in this day and age.