Jacksonville Jaguars

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Why we’re going all the way The Jags are making the playoffs if Blake Bortles transforms into Alex Smith and becomes incredibly efficient while cutting his interception total in half. Leonard Fournette should be averaging about 4.5 yards per carry. Dante Fowler needs to learn how to consistently rush the passer from the edge, Paul Posluszny needs to (somehow) get faster in pass protection, and all the new defenders need to jell perfectly with absolutely no bumps in the road.

The season is hopeless if [THIS] happens The Jaguars are in a heap of trouble if the run game fails under the crushing weight of a poorly constructed offensive line and no running back depth behind Fournette. If Bortles is still throwing 35-40 passes a game and he’s leading the league in pick-sixes, that wouldn’t help either. And if the secondary is still hampered by poor safety play, this could be a long season.

Who is your biggest rival and why? The Jaguars are our biggest rival. There are no external rivals when you haven’t had a winning season since George W. Bush was in office. The Jaguars can’t draft a quarterback to save their life, they hang on to the bad ones for years too long, they waste draft capital reaching for guys like Derrick Harvey and Justin Blackmon, and then they mismanage their team, roster, scheme -- EVERYTHING -- as if it were 1995 again.

Tailgate food that best describes your team? Pistachios. It’s way too much work for something that’s not even good, and they shouldn’t even be there in the first place.

What does your team do better than anyone else? I will say this -- the team keeps hope alive within this fan base better than any other perpetual loser around the league. I see more optimism for this team than I do for the New York Jets or the Cleveland Browns, two teams that I’d put us in the same tier as.