San Francisco 49ers

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Why we’re going all the way This defense was historically bad in 2016 but could make a serious climb in 2017. The 49ers spent their first three 2017 picks on the defense while also adding several pieces in free agency. On the other side of the ball, Brian Hoyer’s most significant NFL success came in Cleveland in 2014 with Kyle Shanahan as his offensive coordinator. He knows exactly what Shanahan wants, and that could provide just enough offense to ride this defense to a surprise finish.

The season is hopeless if [THIS] happens The 49ers are rebuilding, so with low expectations for the coming season, the biggest worry is if Reuben Foster suffers a significant re-injury to his shoulder. There were concerns leading up to the draft that he would need a second surgery on his shoulder. The 49ers already lost linebacker Malcolm Smith for the year, and losing a playmaker like Foster, particularly for an extended period, would be problematic for the overall growth of the defense.

Who is your biggest rival and why? San Francisco fans will continue to see the Seahawks as the biggest rival, but when you’ve won six total games over the past two combined seasons and haven’t beaten your "rival" in over three seasons, it’s hard to call it a rivalry. How about we go with the Cleveland Browns, given the two teams’ battle at the bottom and their potential changes in culture following coaching and front office turnover.

Tailgate food that best describes your team? Wine and Cheese. The long-running joke from opposing fans is that 49ers fans are a wine and cheese crowd. And to be honest, you can always find a nice red in the 49ers parking lot! When you’re that close to Napa and you’re talking about the 49ers recent struggles, a little wine is not a bad idea.

What does your team do better than anyone else? Keep fans on their toes. The 49ers are on their fourth coach in four years, kicked off by a "mutual parting" with their most successful coach in over a decade. The hiring of Jim Tomsula after Jim Harbaugh was not a surprise, but the follow-up hire of Chip Kelly shook things up. Then, after firing GM Trent Baalke, they surprised everybody when they brought on FOX Sports analyst John Lynch. He had no executive experience, but Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have left 49ers fans pleasantly surprised through the first offseason.