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Last season's record: 5-11

Who’s the heart and soul of your team?

Saquon Barkley. I don’t think there’s any question about that. He’s young, but he’s the team’s best player and he has the attitude to match. He also embodies the work ethic the Giants hope to build around as they try to get the team pointed back in a winning direction.

Which player is your team’s workout hero?

It’s probably offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler, who the Giants acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Browns this offseason. His new teammates keep talking about how much the guy loves the weight room. He’s brought an attitude and a love for both practice and working out that is just different.

What’s your team’s Achilles’ heel?

It’s unclear if this is the Giants’ Achilles’ heel, but the biggest question is whether or not the defense will be up to the task. Do they have enough pass rush after finishing with the second-fewest sacks last year? And can all the young, untested cornerbacks they have play well enough this year?



Big Blue View prediction: 7-9 The Heart | by Ed Valentine

Anywhere from 6-10 to 9-7, maybe 10-6, is within the realm of possibility given the schedule they play, but I’m going to say 7-9. It’s hard to predict because a midseason quarterback transition from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones — if one should occur — might skew the overall record.

Expert prediction: Too high The Head | by Geoff Schwartz

I think this number is almost right, but I’d lean toward it being too high because of the toughness of their opponents. According to Warren Sharp, the Giants face the top defenses in limiting explosive plays on offense. On the flip side, they play much better offenses this season and don’t have a pass rush at the moment. I think seven wins is their ceiling.

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