Projected starting XI

Jonas Lössl; Scott Malone, "Zanka" Mathias Jørgensen, Chris Schindler, Tommy Smith; Aaron Mooy, Jonathan Hogg; Tom Ince, Kasey Palmer, Elias Kachunga; Steve Mounié

How do you feel about your club's summer transfer business?

I'm very pleased with how we've gone about our summer transfer business. The playoff final winner has a natural disadvantage in the transfer market because they don't know which league they're in until weeks after everyone else. In spite of this, we managed to get nine signings made before preseason training started.

We've broken our transfer record three times so far this summer and have spent over £35 million ($45 million), rising to nearer £45 million ($58 million) with add-ons. This is crazy for a team whose record signing was £1.8 million before this summer. Outsiders have accused us of treating the summer window as a trolley dash with us buying everyone in sight, as quickly as we can. However, knowing how meticulously David Wagner built our promotion-winning side last summer, I'm certain our money has been wisely spent.

Are you happy with ownership? Elated? Cautiously optimistic? Furious?

I genuinely think we've got the best owner in all of football. Dean Hoyle made many millions by selling discount gift cards, but he's also a passionate fan.

The sight of his face after we won the penalty shootout at Wembley gave me a lump in my throat. He cares about the club, is a canny businessman, and has a great relationship with the manager. He's the main reason we've managed to get into the top flight.

What's the highest reasonable goal your team has and what needs to go right to get there?

One of the key messages David Wagner communicated to the players and fans last season was that we set "no limits," a slogan you might hear a lot next season. Personally, I'd be delighted with survival but I genuinely don't know what will happen. We're going to be the underdogs in every game next season, but that suits us and it wouldn't surprise me if we managed to sneak into the top half.

Actually, no, I've changed my mind, we're going to be champions. I think we'll have won the league by early April, so we'll be able to rest players for the FA Cup final in the last few games.

What are you scared of that might derail your season?

From my perspective, nothing can derail our season. We're going to finish the season as the highest placed team in Yorkshire, and we'll have had a year in the Premier League. Obviously, I'll be delighted for us to stay up and get another season, but even if we lose every game I'll still be happy we've made it this far.

Who's a player on your team that neutrals might not know much about, but should become fans of?

I suspect nearly all of our team will be unknowns, maybe with the exception of Tom Ince. I'm predicting Tommy Smith will have a big season this year. He plays as a very attacking right-back and runs tirelessly up and down the pitch.

He scored four goals and contributed 10 assists last season, as well as becoming captain. He's just had the best season of his career and, at 25, is just coming into his prime. I think his positivity and overlapping runs will win a lot of fans this season.

Who will be your team's MVP this season, and why?

Aaron Mooy contributed the most last season, though there are at least 10 other players I could pick out as making key contributions too. Mooy stands out because of his incredible quality on the ball. He changed his game to play deeper in midfield and became the heartbeat of our possession-based attacking style.

His range of passing is superb, he's got incredible vision, and he has the ability to retain possession in the tightest of spots. It's an absolute joy to watch him play and signing him permanently for Manchester City after last season's loan was our most important signing of the summer.

What do you think makes your team's fan culture better than any other team's?

I think there's a special feeling among Huddersfield Town fans right now. The bond between the club, players and fans is something I've not experienced before in my 25 years supporting Town.

We won the league three times in a row in the 1920s, but we've not had much success since those days. We've not even played in the top division since the 1970s, so we've waited a long time to get here. We're going to enjoy every second of it and I hope we'll attract plenty of new fans along the way.

Main photo: Tony Marshall/Getty Images